Alex Martin injury update Supercross Houston

Alex Martin sustains fracture after accident at A1 Troy Lee Designs/ KTM rider Alex Martin was injured in Anaheim 1. He sustained a fracture to his right clavicle. The thought was to rest the second round at Houston. This would give him time to...

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Christian Craig injury update

Christian Craig Injury Update - Supercross Houston RoundAfter Supercross rider Christian Craig posted on his social media, a picture of his ankle, it looked like he might not race in the Houston round. It was looking pretty swollen.He tweeted to his fans today...

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Supercross Rider Dean Wilson Injury Update

Hoping a quick return for Dean Wilson Dean Wilson is good people and we enjoy our interactions with him. Dean's quick to smile and have yet to see him be anything but cool to his fans. After not having a defined deal for part of last year, to...

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Supercross Rider Malcom Stewart misses A1

"Mookie" Announces that he will not be attending the 2018 A1 Anaheim race. His announcement came over his Instagram account. He says he'll update us soon but that some "issue" came up. We like Malcom! He's a good guy and we hope to see him very very soon this...

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